Beauty & The Beast

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Decorate your home with a mesmerizing Hollywood Classic.

What people are saying

So gorgeous! I've received a ton of compliments since i got it. no one can believe how long they last. i'll definitely be giving some as Christmas Gifts This Year!

Love it! Came in express. perfect gift in absolutely beautiful packaging.

The most unique present ever! it took my breath away. Packaging is so sophisticated! it's a present suitable for a princess. My mom's 70th birthday is approaching so we ordered her an Everlasting Rose. if you want to surprise you loved one Rosephoria is the way to go!

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Wondering if it costs too much?

You actually spend less.

  • Ordinary roses wither in days and you have to order new ones (that often come half decayed) regularly to experience the magic of roses
  • Your everlasting rose comes mounted on a beautifully crafted wooden base and a crystal dome. Beautify your home with a work of art decor
  • You buy an eternal rose only once and let it stay with you for the whole year.
  • Massively impress your guests and the person you fancy every time

Lasts a whole year without water

Bond for an entire year with a magical rose

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You’re worth it

  • You and your home are worth expanded love and happiness Roses have the magical ability to lift moods around them. People feel more light-hearted and loving in its presence
  • Is it worth winning the heart of the one you’re in love with? Imagine the wonderful things you can experience if you can win her heart
  • Make her feel special with a rose that’s as rare as her. Overused ordinary roses have become commonplace
  • Experience the magical vibration of the rose for a year and attract love in life

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Rosephoria buyers will testify that you'll receive the most amazing value for money as we always try and deliver the highest quality. However, increasing cost will probably see prices going up later this year.

We’re totally confident that you’ll love our eternal roses.
If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

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