The Color of a Rose: How to Add Meaning to Your Bouquet

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Last month we talked about how the color of flowers can influence our emotions, but did you know that the color of flowers has also been used through many ages for the purpose of communication?

The art of selecting and gifting flowers based on their color, holds in some instances, far deeper symbolic meaning and connotations; from a silent show of passion and desire to friendship and gratitude.

The language of flowers was revived when it gained popularity in the Victorian era as a useful tool to portray emotion which was deemed by society as too outward, flirtatious, romantic and daring. In order to relay their feelings, 

The Victorians chose to attach meanings to the color and flowers available at the time. One of the most popular flowers was the Rose which has not only been ‘cultivated for the last 5000 years’, but whose popularity has never dwindled.

Meaning behind the colors of these pretty, vibrant petals.

Roses are Red.

Just like the everlasting rose in a jar, red roses are brimming with the essence of everlasting love. A deep red rose has been gifted as a romantic gesture for centuries and has long symbolized the true feelings of the heart.

The perfect occasions to gift a red rose are birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, date nights, and of course the big one – Valentine’s Day!

Blue too.

We all marvel in the mysterious and the unknown- the blue rose should be no different. Have you ever met someone who was incredibly fascinating, yet you were unsure what you could do to stand out?

The blue rose will sit perfectly with a strong woman who is independent, mysterious, and almost unwinnable. Gift this unique rose and watch the mystery unfold.

Perfect Pink.

There is nothing more fun, friendly and feminine than the pink rose. It’s meaning changes with the shade; when light, it symbolizes ‘grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness’. Yet, when hot pink it becomes the bearer of heartfelt gratitude, thanks, and appreciation.

Pink really is a versatile color that can suit a variety of occasions. It is the perfect rose to send not only as a thank you or congratulatory gift but also works when sent during the budding of a new romance.

Yellow Mellow.

A yellow rose heals the soul and can have an uplifting effect when sent to those we love and care for.

The meaning attributed to the yellow rose has changed over time. From what was once sent to signify jealousy and betrayal, has fortunately taken on a more positive light and is now used to represent friendship, care, and well wishes as well as being a beautiful flower to send to someone in the process of recovery and recuperation.

The Lady in White.

You need to look no further than the white rose to truly grasp a flower that embodies both the notion of innocence and purity, as well as one of new beginnings and sympathy.

The white rose is a symbol of femininity in many traditions and has long been associated with the Virgin Mary as well as the Greek Goddess of Love – Aphrodite. In the Victorian book The Language of Flowers, the white rose was a suitable gift for a child or young lady and symbolized a gentle innocence of love.

Black as Night

There is a slight stigma attached to the creation of the black rose, and whilst it can symbolize ‘death, rebirth and goodbye’, these need not be the only meanings.  The black rose can be deemed a good omen when received at the onset of a fresh start or major life change. 

These black beauties are the perfect gift when coupled with the giving up of a bad life habit.

It is no wonder that Roses were frequently gifted by The Victorians. They are the most elegant and powerful messengers of all the flowers. With their vast array of color and their durability to last a year, there is no doubt that they are the perfect carriers of affection.


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