Frequently Asked Questions

Rosephoria 101: Commonly asked questions regarding Rosephoria products,
operations, shipping and more.


  • 1
    How long can the roses last for?

    The roses can last up to a year or longer.

  • 2
    How are the roses preserved?

    The roses get freshly cut and are soaked in special oils, including glycerine and other oils, that preserve them.

  • 3
    How big are the roses in the dome?

    The rose heads are 5cm and the lengths are 9 inches and 11 inches.

  • 4
    Where do the roses come from?

    The roses come from Ecuador.

  • 5
    Is there any maintenance for the rose that is required?

    We ask that you keep the rose out of direct sunlight and do not water the rose.

  • 6
    Are the roses safe if my dog gets to the rose?

    The roses are preserved with safe ingredients.


  • 1
    How long does it take to ship the roses?

    Preparing your order will take a 1 day and we can ship it out the next day (except on weekends).

  • 2
    What carrier do you ship roses with?

    We ship with Fedex.

  • 3
    Can we ship out the roses out a later time for a special date?

    Yes, we can reserve units for a specific delivery date by using the calendar on the product page.

  • 4
    What countries do you currently ship to?

    USA and Canada.

  • 5
    Are there any customs fees shipping internationally?

    Yes, there are Canadian customs fees. As the customer, you are liable for all import duties, customs and taxes levied. Payment of these is required to release your order from customs on arrival.

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