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In this frenzied tech-driven society, we’ve forgotten the things most precious to us. Now, we take supplements for food and gift tech gadgets to people close to our hearts.

Gifting was once an art. It was a way of showing appreciation. Now, it’s an iPhone, a voucher, a download or a bargain item (for most).

That being said, many still value the importance of gifting. It’s not a chore and should come from the heart. It’s something given to celebrate relationships.

To live well and foster relationships, we need to be closer to nature’s bounty. This is no spiritual mumbo jumbo but scientific fact. To enjoy life, relationships and heal ourselves, we need to be close to Mother Nature’s elements.

Why Preserved Roses Make the Best Gift

A Gift for your mum on Mother’s Day.

You want this day to be special. Yes, our mums can push our wits to the limit sometimes, but we want to show how much we appreciate her presence on Mother’s Day.

And what better way to do it than with timeless preserved roses in a glass dome? Just like our preserved roses in a box, these beauties are handpicked at their prime and delicately treated to become ageless grace.

These real preserved roses symbolize the love everlasting between a mother and her children.

Don’t Just Crush on Someone. Enchant Her.

There’s no better way to flatter a girl than gifting a rose.  You might not get an instant ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but rest assured she’s swept off her feet and feeling special.

But if you really want to experience magic, then gift her something extraordinary. A preserved rose in glass jar with fairy lights.

Red Beauty and the Beast



There’s nothing more seductive than a perfectly bloomed red rose standing still in time encapsulating the beauty of creation.

We recently did a fun survey where we asked 73 single women how they would feel about someone gifting them a magical rose that’s straight out of the classic romantic movie Beauty and the Beast.

A jaw-dropping 93% said they would fall for it. The rest said they’d “give the guy a chance”.

So, here’s the trick guys. Cheesy and cliché don’t work anymore. Show her she’s special with something rare.

Gift an Eternal Rose. Heal Someone You Love

A rose is many things, and not just an icon of beauty, love and lust.  The bloom with the most romantic history also possesses medicinal properties

Many claim that the presence of preserved roses in a box or vase have a calming effect on the mind and body. Now, this is not so surprising knowing that rose petals are mildly sedative.

But what is really extraordinary is their ability to spread a positive vibe around them and give the surrounding place a lift.

So, if you know of a loved one who can use a little bit of lift, try gifting her/him a box of preserved roses next time.

Final Cut.

Whether you’re thinking of gifting a loved one or simply trying to woo the lady, it’s important that you’re mindful. Think of a gift that goes beyond shiny wrappings and tech.

No gadget or bargain item will ever let you into someone’s heart like a timeless rose. History bears witness.



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eternity rose
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