All You Need to Know About Preserved Flowers

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Ever wondered how some spas, hair salons, and hotels have beautiful real-life flowers looking fresh for months and years? Time to find out the secret behind our timeless blossoms.

These beautiful florets you see are actually ‘preserved flowers’. They are real flowers that have undergone a delicate pigmentation process to extend their scent, beauty and overall lifespan, making them the perfect addition to our living spaces.

“Only rare blossoms of exceptional quality of certain breed of roses can be preserved. That’s how extraordinary these flowers are.”

They do not wither and wilt like the common cut stems which we are used to purchasing. Preserved flowers are the opposite of dried flowers which have been dehydrated. These flowers are alive and kicking and full of freshness.

They look exactly like freshly cut flowers because they are! The preserved rose arrangements have been hand selected by farmers and perfectly cut when at their peak, thus maintaining their beauty.

 I see them everywhere now. Why?

There’s a host of reasons why more people and organizations are switching to preserved flower arrangements from the traditional short lived cut flowers.

  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly: Preserved flowers are cost effective. They last longer than cut stems (at least a year) and environmentally friendly due to less flowers being cut so frequently.
  • Extensive range of colours: We all love adding a bit of colour to our lives. The preserved rose arrangements are available in a beautiful array of colours, from the classic red, to yellow, pink, silver, gold, blue and even black.
  • Perfectly packaged and seductively arranged: By ordering from a reputable preserved flower brand, you can be assured that your preserved rose arrangements will come not only well packaged to withstand its trip, but also aesthetically arranged to bewitch the beholder.  
  • A lifespan that will keep you in awe: Frankly, preserved flowers trump cut stems and grandiose bouquets. Preserved rose arrangements boast not only beauty but longevity.  They have been created and preserved to last up to a year.
      Everlasting roses

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      Why Invest in Preserved Rose Arrangements?

      There is no shame in noticing the higher price tag that comes attached to preserved flowers, causing you to wonder what you are paying for.

      By investing in your flowers, you are opting for a product that will last longer (at least 350 days more than your average cut stem bouquets).

       If you do the math, you’ll realise that you are saving money by opting for long lasting rose arrangements, instead of losing money each week to a bouquet that shows signs of aging before the day is out.

      Go Green

      When you invest in preserved rose arrangements, you are choosing a product that has been ethically grown by experienced farmers who understand the importance of picking the right roses whilst at their absolute peak.

      This ensures that the preserved flowers can successfully undergo their pigmentation process, allowing for 100% retention of their vibrant and natural colors.

      Timeless companion

      A rose, we want it to last forever. Sadly, we are often left feeling hard done by when we must throw out that beautiful bouquet within a week. Preserved rose arrangements will last much longer than your store-bought flowers. There’s no comparison. Fact.

       These preserved flowers will last up to a year because they have been collected at their peak. Whilst in their prime, they are delicately treated by skilled experts to maintain their natural scent, colour and geometry, making them indistinguishable from cut flowers.

      The art of transforming flowers into beautiful preserved adornments is a hi-tech procedure that allows the flowers to last like the everlasting rose. Only rare blossoms of exceptional quality of certain breed of roses can be preserved. That’s how extraordinary these flowers are.

      Forthrightly, preserved flowers are the way forward in our modern age. They last longer than the store-bought flowers, they are a fantastic investment, environmentally friendly, and they are of course, timeless in their beauty and aroma.

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