Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

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Valentine’s Day can be both exciting and daunting. It can be the most romantic day of the year or things can go drastically wrong.

For most men (like my friends), it’s an almost impossible task to pick a meaningful gift for the girl he loves or fancies. Some men try but still fail to hit the sweet spot and others are blatantly lazy.

It’s alright if you’re not great with gifts. As long as she doesn’t know.

So, let‘s see what a woman wants. Here I’ll show you the secret door to your lady’s heart and the perfect present for her on Saint Valentine’s Day.

We asked girls from all over U.S and Canada what makes a perfect Valentine’s day gift. And here is what they think.


At first, let’s get it clear - it’s Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year. It’s all about romance, care and love. This is why when it comes to gift choosing, forget about practicality. No kitchen supplies, no books, no clothes, purses or scarves. Leave it for birthdays and name days.

What will make a great Valentine day gift for my girlfriend?

It needs to be romantic, creative, rare and memorable. Every girl waits for this day in excitement. She dreams about something special, something meaningful. Make her feel whole, like a woman, a princess.  And that means this romantic day should include meaningful flowers.

Be the man who knows what a woman wants!

Girls want stability and understanding. They want to feel safe knowing there’s a man who can feel her thoughts and emotions. Women are naturally drawn to flowers, especially roses. But not a cheap bouquet from the local supermarket. There’s no thought behind those and they look cheap. Not on Valentine's Day.

Gift her a rose that’s as rare as she is. Gift her something that defies time and convention. An everlasting rose perhaps.

Red everlasting roses in a crystal dome

Make her feel like a woman with a magical rose! 

Red Everlasting rose in crystal dome and wood base

What’s magical in a rose?

The rose has been the iconic symbol of love for thousands and thousands of years. Ancient Romans and Greeks would adorn their rooms and beds with roses and rose petals to seduce their ladies and make love.

It’s what girls love. Be the man who can excite a woman with clever suggestions and vibes.

Can you think of a more suitable flower to celebrate love? We can’t. The Everlasting Rose lasts a whole year. Standard cut flowers usually start to wither the day after Valentine’s Day.

Just imagine. This can become “your thing” - gifting a new everlasting rose to your lady every Valentines Day.

The previous one will still look perfect when you’ll bring her a new one. Besides, girls believe that roses last longer when they are gifted from the heart.

It’s symbolic and romantic. And girls love both. They love when boys care enough to think about it.

We received some pretty amazing feedback from men who gifted this rose to their partners or girlfriends. One openly admitted his love-life got better :)

Others said they were amazed by the positive vibe the flower brought into the living space.

Buy the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend

The 3 magic words. Are you ready to say it? Pair it with an iconic beauty.

Red beauty and the beast rose in crystal dome

Do you know where this rose is from? Every girl knows. It’s from the love story of Beauty and the Beast. And every girl longs to live the same romantic story. It’s just the perfect Valentine’s Day gift when you couple it with the three magic words.. Give her a Fairy tale! Make her feel like a princess.

Beauty and the Beast everlasting Rose

Limited edition box of roses for your wife that’ll last a year.

36 red preserved roses in a black velvet box


When you are married - it’s not so easy to surprise your wife. Want to spice things up? Want to remind your wife how beautiful and special she is? Then surprise her with a rare gift.

Box of roses - This luxurious centerpiece will surely reignite the flame and also impress her guests. It’s another point for you.

We have roses not only in classic colors but also in silver and gold. You can choose something more classy, like a box of 24, 36 or 49 perfectly arranged preserved roses.

We gave you the secret. Now it’s your call. Be the man every woman wants.


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eternity rose
enchanted rose
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eternity rose
enchanted rose
roses that last a year
preserved roses
eternal roses
one year roses