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“Love is an action, a state of being, an emotion, a gift, a word, and so much more. It is the essence of existence, and it is everything.” (Griffin, 2014)

My girlfriends and I once sat and talked about the most disappointing gifts ever received from our boyfriends and dates. The list included picture frames, coffee mugs, cheap earrings, gloves, bottle openers, lip balms, and even a funky matchstick box. The list was disheartening.

And the general verdict was ‘men who are bad with gifts don’t make good lovers’.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we all search for the one gift that will be the epitome of our love. We know how difficult it can be to successfully express our feelings through a gift, especially at this time of year when gestures of love are all around us.

Show her you know what a girl wants.

Inspire Her with an Everlasting Rose in a Glass Dome

The Everlasting Rose is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to excite and woo your lovely new lady.

All women like flowers and millions of them will receive them too. But few will be thrilled. As a woman, I know what most of us want. Our men to be thoughtful.

Just a rose from Walmart or the local florist certainly doesn’t show that.

To touch your lady at her core, pick something that is as rare as she is. Something meaningful that will take her by surprise. Perhaps a real magical rose that doesn’t wither.

If you want to take it to the next level, the most romantic and elegant of the everlasting roses is the Beauty and the Beast Dome, which just like in the movie, is enchantingly preserved in a crystal glass dome with fairy lights delicately arranged around the rose.

These crystal domes create an air of magic and love. With this rose, it will truly feel like love will last an eternity!

Thank Her: Everlasting Rose Flowers

 She picked you. She married you. Now you need to thank her.

In our fast-paced busy lives, it is so easy to forget to thank those that we love, and even when Valentine’s day is just around the corner, we desperately struggle to pick something that accurately represents the love that we feel. We feel the pressure against us and don’t want to get it wrong.

Worse even, some of us look for the best bargain in town and forget the significance of the moment.

When it comes to a declaration of love, it really doesn’t matter if you were married last year, or 25 years ago, your true love deserves to be given the ultimate gift as a gesture of your love and gratitude.

It doesn’t have to be a diamond necklace. Gift her something that shows your un-withering love. 

The Velvet Black range holds the most perfect and flawless of the everlasting rose flowers giving you the choice to send one or many. Just like your love undying, these beautiful hand-picked roses have been preserved carefully to stay vibrant and fresh for an eternity. They don’t even need water!

The elegant velvet square and round black boxes are made to offer a luxury rose experience, something that will leave your love in awe, whilst also reminding her of your lifelong commitment to each other.

We know that love blossoms and blooms as time goes by, and that flowers have the power to warm our loved one’s souls. They are a strong reminder of the love we feel and cherish year in year out.

Everlasting flowers are more than just a simple gift for Valentine’s Day, instead, they stand proudly in your home, as the centerpiece of your heart, emitting rays of lasting love and joy for all to witness.

Final take

If you are in pursuit of a gift that will show the magnitude of your devotion, then perhaps, you should consider the equally stunning and timeless real everlasting roses as your gift of choice this Valentine’s day.

Rosephoria roses have been picked at their peak and meticulously transformed into a timeless floral experience that can last a lifetime.

These flowers are perfect for all stages of your relationship from newer encounters to girlfriends, fiancés and life partners. They come in an array of colors and sizes that can symbolize and communicate different facets of love, making them adaptable to suit your needs.



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eternity rose
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