Preserved Mother’s Day Flowers for the 5 Most Deserving Women in Your Life

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Preserved Mother’s Day Flowers

Father’s Day, Lover’s Day, Peace Day, Earth Day, writer’s day, gamer’s day, geek day …

The list is endless. I love the fact that we’re giving ourselves more reasons to celebrate our time on earth. However, not many agree with my optimism and would like to see less of these ‘special days’.

You can take out a myriad of these days and frankly no one would notice. However, there’s one special day that demands to be celebrated - Mother’s Day. Without our mothers (even if she’s not the biological mother), we simply wouldn’t be here.

With your mother, you’re never alone. And thus Rudyard Kipling said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”.

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Surprise your Mom. Choose her favorite color

Buying flowers for Mother’s Day is an age-old tradition that should be cherished. It was first celebrated in 1905 after the death of Anna Reeves Jarvis; a woman who fought for improved sanitary conditions and better maternal care for all women.

It is the one day that we will give thanks to our mothers and shower them with flowers and gifts.

But why are flowers synonymous with Mother’s Day?

Many believe that because Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May that it's a seasonal gift with the added notion that flowers are symbolic of life, growth, and fertility. All of which was necessary for us to be in the position to repay her for her unwavering love and affection and show our gratitude.

When we think Mother’s Day, the obvious first person that pops to our mind is our mother.

But they aren’t the only women who deserve acknowledging. There are grandmothers, wives, sisters, and friends who might be mothers too (or not).

Here’s a little reminder of the 5 most important women in our lives and the role they play.

 1. Mother

Generally, the most important woman of all in our lives and in turn the most deserving. Why not overwhelm her with a beautiful box of preserved flowers or classy Everlasting Rose which is a preserved rose in glass.

And don’t forget to spend time with her on this day. If it’s not possible to go and visit her, then make sure to call her and let her listen to your voice. For her, there’s nothing more precious than seeing you or hearing your voice.

Rare roses for your mom

 2. Grandmothers

Mom’s best friend, yes, her own mother, who she counts on for support when being a mother gets too much because you know she understands.

Grandmothers also make life easier by babysitting or doing the school run and even educating us with their insight into the world we know as history.

Preserved flowers are perfect for your grandma. The 36 rose box in a vibrant yellow will brighten her space for a whole year.

 3. Aunt

Our parent’s sisters are often forgotten but they also help out plenty. Aunts are great because they can be both a second mother or a sister and even a good friend!

 Now you see their importance, don’t forget to reward them with a preserved rose in the color you think bests suit her! Preserved flowers for sale come in a great choice of colors.

 4. Sister

It’s easy to forget your sister on Mother’s Day because we grow up together and even when she has children, you still see her as your sister and forget she is now a mother!

Don’t let this be the case. There are plenty of preserved flowers for sale, find the right ones for her!

 5. Wife

Last but certainly not least, wives are the mothers of our children. This is where you truly get to see the mammoth task she has to deal with every day.  

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” Theodore Hesburgh

Let her know how much you appreciate what she does for your children. From the sleepless nights to the frantic school mornings, to keeping them out of trouble, it is a job that will seem eternal. The befitting preserved rose in glass will remind her you notice the effort she makes.

These women are amazing and all deserving figures in our lives. Preserved flowers are a great way to express your love to the special women in your life. These preserved flowers for sale last up to a year which is right about the time Mother’s Day comes around again.

What better way to show how much you care about the amazing women close to you than with preserved flowers that will remind them of you until Mothering Sunday a year from now.


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