The Role of Flowers in Our Life

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When your mom tells you next time that “gardening is my relaxation therapy”, don’t dismiss it as her excuse to go to Lowe’s or Walmart. Let me tell you why.

The role of flowers is so vast in our lives that an entire garden of scientific study has been attributed to it, which is now revealing a huge array of benefits. They show that flowers really do nurture our health and mood in a positive way.

These blooms can help you stay relaxed and boost your performance.

But hold on. Before you run to fill your home with fresh blooms, here’s what you should know about blossoms and the role of flowers in our lives.

Relax, Calm, Heal and Improve Productivity

The sacred geometry and essence of flowers have long been known to calm racing human mind.

A recent study by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology indicated that urban office workers showed decreased heart rate and higher levels of relaxation when exposed to roses in a cylindrical glass vase. It showed how the simple act of viewing a rose calmed the mind of the subjects.

Another U.K study done in 2008 revealed that hospital patients felt less anxious, recovered quicker and needed less post-operative care when they had flowers in their room.

Natural relaxation with flowers on a daily basis can bring a general feeling of calm and increased well-being that brings positive changes in every area of your life. You feel balanced, relaxed, at ease and more in control. This can immensely boost your productivity both at home and work.

Bliss, Inspiration and Increased Creativity

The essence and geometry of flowers have this magical ability to inspire human minds and let creativity flow through like wild streams.

“To me, the meanest flower that blows can give thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.” - William Wordsworth.

Flowers connect with us in a cryptic way that makes us happy and boosts our mood. People experience delight and bliss when surrounded by flowers. It’s not just the dizzying aroma of the floral nectar but the shape and geometry that somehow removes the obstacles that block our divine energy and creativity.

Workers experience increased ability to generate ideas, work creatively and solve problems in workplaces with flowers. This was proven by a study conducted by researchers at Texas A&M University.

In this study, men could generate more ideas and women brought about more creative and flexible solutions to problems with plants and flowers around.  

Romance and Celebration

Been swiping Tinder incessantly with no meaningful result? Try to introduce flowers into your life next time.

Flowers have an almost mystical higher power to convey profound human emotions and thoughts the way nothing else can. Whether you’re trying to express love, gratitude, grief or feelings too intense for words, flowers definitely mean more than you can say.

Especially, when it comes to LOVE, one of the ultimate emotions of life, flowers can say-it-all and make an instant connection. The bloom that holds the obvious meaning is the red rose, a symbol of romantic love, lust, and seduction.

This is not just an age-old belief that has stood the test of time for no reason.

Test the difference yourself.

Arrange two separate dates with the same person. One evening with a rose and the other evening without. See the difference in the vibe for yourself and let us know.

Flowers are also intimately associated with life celebration. They are an integral part of society and all occasions whether it’s a wedding or celebrating a person’s life at a funeral. Flowers bring a deeper meaning to celebrations and make them memorable.

Final take

The role and benefits of flowers are so diverse and cosmic that it’s hard, to sum up in an entire book. Introduce a flower into your daily life and experience the sense of heightened happiness and love it brings.


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